[RFI] Plasma TV's to be obsolete within 2 years

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sun Apr 30 07:17:28 EDT 2006

Didn't sony just announce something like a 100" diagonal plasma set?
Available by Christmas this year or some such, doesn't sound like they are
getting out of it.

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> >Mitsubishi has announced a laser/DLP technology that
> >is (according to the hype) supposed to obsolete plasma
> >TV within 2 years.  Just wanted to give some hope to
> >the many hams plagued with plasma QRM.
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> Oh, Fabrijous Day!  May it be so!
> (...and I hope the new laser/DLP doesn't come with IT'S own QRN generator,
> like some exotic power supply...<sigh>
> Funny thing is, consumers are finally begining to wake up to the fact
> that, once again, they've been oop-dupa-duped by the plasma jobs...seems
> the average life of these power/savings account hogs is very short.  I
> hear them cussing out the plasma TV display line in the TV shops as they
> pass...)
> -Lin/KJ6EF
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