[RFI] Towers/Antennas Near 138kV Transmission Lines

Jim P jvpoll at dallas.net
Tue Aug 15 09:31:32 EDT 2006

Ed penned:
 "... scrub & bushes growing out in the middle of 
   the mid-Western USA that were directly beneath 
   long expanses of overhead utility lines were 
   noticeably smaller, & less-robust looking, than 
   growth outside of the immediate field..."

On account of a herbicide being used to suppress
growth of said growth under the lines - 

- or an every 10 year brush cutting program (something
FirstEnergy had deferred until AUgust 2003) that 
"Newsweak" was not aware of (and yes, there have 
been other "line outages" due to vegetation growing
into the lines esp. when line heating occurs due to 
high currents and inevitable sagging of those lines 

ALso - mankind has been subjected (and continues to 
be subjected) to a "magnetic field"  every minute of his 
existance - from the earth itself (I might add) produced 
purportedly by electric currents in its liquid core ...

Then there are 'those' that embrace a field (no pun 
intended) called "Magnetic Field Therapy".

(Google search "homeopathic magnetic therapy")


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