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Wed Aug 16 01:08:29 EDT 2006

>> As the poster that started this thread, I would offer that I am finding a
>> bit of that myself. In the Houston area petroleum pipelines and 
>> flood zones
> Petroleum pipelines?  We actually encountered a property with an
> OIL WELL on it (the ownership of which wasn't included in the property).
> Flood zones are euphemistically called "seasonal ponds" by realtors
> out here (it's not a bug, it's a feature :-)
> Rick N6RK

We considered the greater Port Arthur area as
very inexpensive.  We were warned about a variety
of potential hazards, including a lot of chemical
byproduct dumping in the past.

The flooding/wetlands stuff is present along
most Gulf coastline communities.

Only the French would establish a community
below sea level, New Orleans, but many have
built communities in historic flood zones and
semi-reclaimed wetlands.

There is one upscale development in this area
where every time there are heavy rains the
alligators and water moccasins show up on
people's doorsteps!

We have drifted far afield of the list purpose,
though walking out the door to be greeted by
a alligator or water moccasin would create some
serious static in my house!


Thanks! & 73,
doc, KD4E
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