[RFI] Filtering at the a/c power meter?

Steven Farmer wa5rpf at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 18:49:16 EST 2006

Hi all,

Are there any commercially available rfi filters that can be installed, for 
example, at the a/c power meter?

I need to suppress noise which is conducted onto the overhead power 
distribution lines from a neighboring building.   The a/c lines supplying 
our home run underground from the utility pole drop out front.  Radiation 
from the a/c lines in our home is so strong that I think I need to suppress 
it as much as possible before anything like an mfj-1025 would have a chance 
of doing any good.

Gory details on request, but I suspect that the new owners of a condo in the 
building next to ours have something like a touch lamp.  Unfortunately, 
they're not full-time residents (but the noise generator is).  I'd like to 
be able to point their condo association towards a device that could be 
installed at their meter, or be able to get one for myself.    Are such 
things available?



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