[RFI] 2.4 OD diamater toroid

Randy hamradio at oz.net
Wed Dec 13 13:55:05 EST 2006

I bought 10 of these toroids from "image-ination" on eBay and recently
received them.  He just threw them in a box. Loose!  When I received them
two were broken in several pieces and several others were chipped.
Apparently he doesn't know these things are fragile and need to be treated
carefully, like glassware.  He could have at least wrapped them each in a
piece of newspaper.  So, order extras and don't be surprised if some are
trashed when you get them!  

de Randy, W7HR
Port Orchard, WA


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Here is a source for type 43 Toroids.  These are the toroids that are used
by W1HIS in his article on common mode chokes.  


73, Jim

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