[RFI] 2.4 OD diamater toroid

Danny Richardson k6mhe at adelphia.net
Wed Dec 13 15:01:28 EST 2006

I see the seller has good feedback (100% positive). Have you 
contacted the seller?

Danny, K6MHE

At 10:55 AM 12/13/2006, you wrote:

>I bought 10 of these toroids from "image-ination" on eBay and recently
>received them.  He just threw them in a box. Loose!  When I received them
>two were broken in several pieces and several others were chipped.
>Apparently he doesn't know these things are fragile and need to be treated
>carefully, like glassware.  He could have at least wrapped them each in a
>piece of newspaper.  So, order extras and don't be surprised if some are
>trashed when you get them!
>de Randy, W7HR
>Port Orchard, WA

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