[RFI] Low voltage lighting solid state "transformers"

Steven Farmer wa5rpf at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 21:59:57 EST 2006

Can anyone suggest a brand or manufacturer of _quiet_ 120 to 12 volt 
switching power supplies for low voltage lighting?

Units in the condo building next to ours have exterior low-voltage accent 
lighting, and the power supplies blanket 160 through 40 with 10 db over s9 
qrn.   The noise is still a nuisance on 30, where it's s6 or so.   The new 
owners of one of the units,  part time residents, leave these lights on 

They're amenable to replacing the supply, but with what?  Unfortunately, 
these supplies are quite small and the electrician put them in small 
receptical-sized boxes.  The replacements have to physically fit and be 
quiet.  The tight quarters might make it tough to put any ferrites in there 

I'm not sure where to start and would appreciate any advice.


Steve WA5RPF

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