[RFI] Low voltage lighting solid state "transformers"

Kelly Johnson n6kj.kelly at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 19:09:14 EST 2006

The power supply I had WAS tested by the ARRL staff: ie. Mike Gruber
in the RFI group at headquarters.  He told me that the device met all
of the radiation limits.   It's a fact that the radiation limits are
not stringent enough to prevent harmful interference in many cases.
Why do you think BPL systems still cause interference even after
adding notches which reduce signal power to 20dB below the allowed
radiation limits?  More importantly, if the device meets the radiation
limits then the burden of fixing the problem is on the user, not the
manufacturer.  That's the big black hole in Part 15.  Manufacturers
should be required to fix or replace faulty units that cause harmful
interference OR experience interference from a legally operating
transmitter.  It should be a required part of every warranty.
Unfortunately, this will never happen.

On 12/17/06, Tom Rauch <w8ji at contesting.com> wrote:
> > The point is that it is NOT illegal to sell a device that
> > meets the
> > emission standards.  It is only illegal to operate it in a
> > way that
> > causes interference.
> My guess is if the device was **really** tested it would
> probably flunk emission standards. That's what I was saying
> in a nice way without saying it bluntly.
> :-)
> I see a lot of cheap SMPS that fail. Many of them even have
> spots on the PC board for components that would make them
> pass, the parts just aren't installed.
> 73 Tom
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