[RFI] Low voltage lighting solid state "transformers" (long)

Steven Farmer wa5rpf at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 19:22:55 EST 2006

>Cortland KA5S wrote:
> Maybe it's time to write Riley.

It just might be....

I do have a bit of good news to report.

My next-door neighbor in this condo building happens to be the general 
contractor who did the remodel of the building containing the noisy 
"transformers".  He also has noisy low-voltage exterior lighting.  His power 
supply is a "LIGHTECH LET 75".  Although he rarely uses the lighting in 
question, turning it on resulted in 10 over s9 noise on 40 meters,  almost 
as bad as the LVT-60N units in the other building.

The local electrical supply house came up with a unit which actually claims 
to contain emi filtering.  It's made by RSA Lighting and says that it's a 
"CAT NO. RT60A".  It was swapped for the 'LET 75'.  There is still 
substantial noise in the immediate vicinity of the RT60A (detected with a 
hand held shortwave receiver) but the noise levels on my station antenna 
fell from 10 over s9 to s4 on 40 meters.  That's more-or-less a normal day 
time level here.   The situation has been very much improved.

Our plan now is to replace the units in the other building with RT60As. 
Unfortunately, that's easier said than done because the owners of those 
condos are all part-time residents.   Arranging for one visit by the 
electrician is going to be complicated.

I'll be saving the noisy units just in case Riley wants to have a look at 

Steve WA5RPF

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