[RFI] High Noise Levels on 80m

Kelly Johnson n6kj.kelly at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 18:49:40 EST 2006

Here's some more information.  I get S7 to S8 levels of constant noise
on 80m with my RX preamp turned on.  It goes down to about S1 or S2
with varying noise with the RX preamp turned off.  In other words,
with the RX preamp turned on my meter seems to be "pegged" at S7/S8.
There are no peaks and valleys; no pops; no spikes; just stuck there.
With the RX preamp off the S meter averages about S2, but dips to S0
and peaks at S7 or S8.  It pops and spikes like I normally see on
other bands.  Also, turning the RX preamp off doesn't drop legitimate
signals much; maybe an S Unit or so but it sure drops the noise floor
down.  I'm guess this is normal and that it means I should just turn
off the preamp.  Am I correct about that.  Is this the expected
behavior (a constant noise level) with the RX preamp on like this?  Is
the noise just too strong with the preamp on and screwing up my AGC?

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