[RFI] Need a Filter

Larry Benko xxw0qe at comcast.net
Tue Dec 26 12:32:32 EST 2006


Look at the Tripplite Isobar devices at www.tripplite.com which come in 
metal boxes and have differential and common mode filtering.  They are 
very effective from several hundred KHz thru the HF region.  I have 
several of these devices in my home.  You can have 1 in your hands 
tomorrow from www.pcconnection.com and their prices are pretty good.

73, Larry, W0QE

R March wrote:

>Does anyone know of a commercial common mode filter which can be connected
>in a home to prevent RFI ingress to the power lines?  My neighbor has a
>light which makes noise on 160M.  I would like to use a commercial product.
>Bob  N7UA
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