[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

rrath at charter.net rrath at charter.net
Sat Jul 29 11:37:08 EDT 2006

Gregory, I have always been told not to Daisey Chain when possible. I was 
told to run the ground wire to a bus bar (I use a 12" pc of copper pipe) and 
then ground all my equipment to the bus bar. As far as grounding wire, I use 
an 8 guage stranded wire from my ground rods ( I use two 8' rods) to my bus 
bar (mounted under my counter top for the radios) and then run 10 gauge 
stranded wire from the bus bar to each pc of equipment. I have 8 items at 
my station, so I have 8 pieces of 10 gauge wire going to my 12" grounded 
bus bar.

Right or wrong, this is how I have done my station. 

Now my tower is to far from my station, with a cement slab between tower 
and station, so I have put three 8' ground rods in the ground for the tower. I 
dug the hole for the cement, for the tower and put one in the center of the 
hole and the other two at ground level and ran 8 gauge standed wire to all 
three and then to the tower.

Right or wrong, this is how I did my tower.

I live across the street from a power sub station. My tower and antennas are 
higher than any thing at the sub station. During lightning storms, the sub 
station get hammered with lightning and my tower has been left alone. I 
have lived here for over 15 yrs with no problem. (now that this is all been 
told, the next lightning storm I will have a strike, hi hi) I hope this helps.


> i am planing putting up a new tower and beam. now on my ham station 
equipment what is the best way to ground tuner, radio etc to my station 
to my ground rod. to avoid ground loops do i use tuner as my central and 
ground all ham gear to my tuner and then to grounding rod outside. th 
use copper strap or braided strap from ham gear to tuner and then to 
grounding rod .thanks. kx3x

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