[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

John K9UWA k9uwa at arrl.net
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My Advice is a little different... 

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You want one single ground system to include your power line 
ground, phone line ground, cable tv if you have it plus your 
tower and antennas. Interconnections to all these items should 
be low inductance cables.. one of the best is 3/4" inside 
diameter copper tubing available reasonably due to use in home 
air conditioning systems.. it actually has a slightly lower 
inductance than 2 inch wide flat strap. You also need protective 
devices on each coax and control cable that comes from your
tower to the house. Also protection devices on the power line 
and phone and cable tv lines as well... 

John k9uwa

> i am planing putting up a new tower and beam. now on my ham station
> equipment what is the best way to ground tuner, radio etc to >my station to my ground rod. to avoid ground loops do i use tuner as my central and ground all ham gear to my tuner and then to grounding rod outside. th use copper strap or braided strap from ham gear to tuner and then to grounding rod .thanks. kx3x
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