[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Sun Jul 30 06:06:55 EDT 2006

> Actually, Tom, quite the contrary....All of my cables are 
> bonded at the
> top of the tower AND at the bottom of the tower. There's 
> only 15 feet
> between the tower and the entrance panel.

....and the entrance panel is bonded to the shack cable 
entrance how?

> All the cables come through a Microflect entrance panel 
> and go directly
> to a SPGP where all of the Polyphasers are mounted. Each 
> piece of radio
> gear has a separate bond that goes to the SPGP also. The 
> entrance panel
> is bonded to the grounding field via two 6" wide copper 
> straps.
> Therefore the total square inches of cable entering the 
> shack equals or
> is less than the total area of bonding strap leaving the 
> shack.
> I'm leaning towards the EMP as the culprit. It's the only 
> potential
> hazard I didn't address by putting a Halo around the shack 
> since my
> shack is right under the tower cone.

I have a halo ground buss. It's buried copper tubing that 
circles my house. I wouldn't be without it, even though the 
only ground rods are at the power line entrance.

I also do a double layer of entrance ground. The one inside 
bonds all cables in and out to a single operating desk entry 
point along with power line and telco grounds. Every 
TV/Stereo setup has a similar construction.

Personally, I'd never run a separate ground lead from each 
piece of gear to the outside entrance panel ground.

73, Tom 

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