[RFI] grounding your ham equipment

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Sun Jul 30 10:36:57 EDT 2006

> The best that can practically be done is to install 'table 
> ground bus'
> of very low inductance along all the operating tables, and 
> then pick a
> single point to bond this bus back to the entrance panel 
> ground. All the
> equipment can then be bonded to the table ground bus by 
> very short
> connecting straps.

That's what I have.

> There are several good reasons for recommending a wide 
> strip rather than
> a pipe for the table ground bus. The first is that you can 
> make a strip
> much wider than a pipe of equivalent performance, without 
> breaking the
> bank. The second is that a strip is easier to install and 
> doesn't get in
> the way - just lay it down at the rear of the table-top, 
> and place the
> equipment on it.

That's almost what I have. The strip runs along the main 
bench level's surface but just under the rear edge.

> Compared with this approach based on good engineering 
> principles,
> "separate ground leads" looks very much like a token 
> gesture.

I think it is a problem. I'd rather have no connection at 
all then something like that.

I have an outside shield grounding entrance plate. It ties 
to the halo ground and to a wide flashing that goes directly 
to the mains and utility entrance ground and breaker panel 

I have a shack inside ground point. Every cable comes to 
that point, even telco and power lines, and the safety 
grounds and bypasses all bond to ground there as does the 
operating bench ground flashing. Every power lead in the 
room comes from ONE power distribution panel mounted under 
the bench at that point.  All lines, even power,  leave 
there and follow the flashing. That one point is grounded to 
the halo ground and entrance ground. I'd never do it any 
other way. Anything else is asking for ground loops.

73 Tom 

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