[RFI] FCC Clamps Down on Power Line QRN

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Thu Jun 8 20:40:02 EDT 2006

Wonderful news indeed.

Now, if we could get the FCC to evaluate devices for RFI _before_ they are allowed to be sold on the consumer market...just had a very hard time convincing a property manager who just couldn't believe that some cheap, Chinese-made 12V under-the-counter kitchen lights were wiping out everything from BCB to 50 Mhz...but then, according to them, 

"No one listens to AM any more."



At 09:01 AM 06/08/2006, you wrote:
>FCC Cites Florida Utility for Interference to Radio Amateur
>The FCC has issued a Citation to Lakeland Electric, a municipally owned 
>utility in Lakeland, Florida, for violating Part 15 rules by interfering 
>with a local radio amateur. §15.5(c) of the FCC rules requires that the 
>operator of an "incidental radiator" must cease operating the device after 
>an FCC representative notifies the operator that the device is causing 
>harmful interference. The "incidental radiator" in this case is overhead 
>power lines. Under an agreement, the ARRL and the FCC cooperate in resolving 
>cases of line noise interference to Amateur Radio licensees. 6/8/2006 8:58 
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