[RFI] Fw: cell phone interference on airplanes

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I would have to guess that you haven't flown in the
last ten years or so; maximum use was made of
the back-of-the-seat GTE Airfone service that morning.

Doesn't anybody remember the GTE Supervisor Lisa
Jefferson who spoke with Todd Beemer? She was then
interviewed on NBC's Dateline on this very subject.

GTE Verizon that morning reports that **23 calls** were
made from Flight 93 that morning via their Airfones. Not
ONE news account or interview of those personally involved
told stories on TV and elsewhere that indicated 'cell
phones' were used. I could verify *no* accounts that
morning or afterward where a terrestially-based 'cellular'
phone was used. Not one.

Likewise the account by Tel Olsen fom his wife Barbara; she
used GTE Airfone to call her husband Ted.

Normally, in the air, there is so much 'jamming' of the control
and paging channels that a call can't be set up (no clean 'sig'
channel can be found during a scan); I imagine that after those
first planes hit that cellular traffic jumped significantly - thereby
putting even more cellular co-channel signals on the air (there
are only 832 30 KHz CHs available and reused over and over
again in the domestic 800 MHz cellular cellular service.)

Jim P // WB5WPA //

    Former Cellular System Engineer for ATTWS in the
    DFW, WF & Sherman/Denison MSAs and TX6 RSA.


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> Which means if all those cell phones on Flight 93 had been off - the USA
> would now be missing the US capitol building (and many members of
> Jerry
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> I hadn't  seen this mentioned, and thought it interesting...
> Carnegie Mellon  engineers have found that cell phones and
> other devices on an airplane can  indeed cause interference
> to the operation of the plane.  Details  at
> http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06060/662669.stm
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