[RFI] Fw: cell phone interference on airplanes

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Fri Mar 3 09:01:01 EST 2006

On 03/03/06 12:51 am Darrel Swenson wrote:

>>> Would someone in the know explain why technically the cell phones in the
> headrest(Verizon?) Airphones don't cause the same problems as customer owned
> cell phones.
>> 3) Choice of frequency bands that do not conflict with COMM or NAV
> receivers
> Just to set the record straight...
> 'A' band cellular operates from:
>    824 to 835 MHz uplink (mobile to cell site)
>    896 to 880 MHz downlink (cell site to mobile)
> 'B' band cellular operates from
>    835 to 849 MHz uplink (mobile to cell site)
>    880 to 894 MHz downlink (cell site to mobile)
> "Airphone" operates from 849 to 851 and 894 to 896 MHz...
> Same band, same propagation characteristics, same intermod potential...  The
> band was originally referred to as the "cellular expansion band".  GTE
> acquired exclusive rights to use it, and sold to Verizon.

Are you referring to Verizon's cellular specifically? Our T-Mobile 
service operates in the 1900MHz band

Alan NV8A

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