[RFI] Fan Noise on Repeater

Jim P jvpoll at dallas.net
Tue May 9 09:39:03 EDT 2006

13) Are there any other sources of RF in the area? (Like
     commercial FM broadcast, LPTV etc)

14) Is your equipment in a position where it might be
     seeing your own RF/transmitted signal?

   (Follow up to Stu's question #7)

15) Did you use a dummy load when testing at home?

     (Stu is on this trail with with his questions #10,
      #11 and #7)

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> Rod,
> A few questions for you to help better understand the problem:
> 1) On what band does the repeater operate?
> 2) What make and model are the repeater radios?
> 3) What is the operating voltage of the fan?
> 4) How is the fan controlled (e.g., thermostat, continuous, proportional,
> etc.)?
> 5) From where does the fan obtain its operating voltage?
> 6) Where on the repeater is the fan mounted and how?
> 7) Is there noise from the fan on the repeater receiver (with a weak
> applied) when the repeater transmitter is off?
> 8) Explain how the repeater was connected to operate from 120 VAC at one
> location and battery at another.
> 9) What is the make and model of the fan?
> 10) Describe the antenna height and distance from the fan for both sites
> tested.
> 11) Describe any other differences in setup between the two sites such as
> transmission lines, etc.
> 12) For what purpose is the fan used?
> Regards,
> Stu Benner
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> I have a repeater that picks up noise from the fan. When I was
> testing the repeater here at home, it was on 120 v ac power - no
> noise. Now that it is on the hill top it is on battery power - no ac
> power. When the fan turns on, you can hear noise and if you have a
> weak signal into the repeater, the noise will cover you up. I will be
> going to the site this Sat to fix the problem ... I hope. Your ideas on
> how to stop the noise? (having no fan is not an option) Thank you.
> Rod KC7VQR
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