[RFI] So you've got QRM?

Martin AA6E aa6e at ewing.homedns.org
Wed Nov 1 10:25:40 EST 2006

Today's New York Times:
> ...Vines says that even keeping track of friendly forces has been a 
> problem. "Battle-tracking the Iraqi Army, Police, Special Police, 
> Border Enforcement Forces and armed contractors moving around Iraq was 
> difficult, but essential to preventing armed engagements between 
> coalition forces," he writes.
> In the Iraq theater of operations, he writes, "we had more than 300 
> different databases tracking friendly and enemy event data across all 
> the warfighter functions." About 82,000 radio frequencies were used by 
> U.S. military units, government agencies, coalition organizations and 
> Iraqi security forces.
82,000? Let's see, times 10 kHz per channel... That's 820 MHz of spectrum?

We've got to get more reporters with ham licenses, who will ask the 
right questions.

73 Martin AA6E

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