[RFI] IN-band Filters

Bryan Swadener bswadener at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 00:15:11 EST 2006

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. 
Unfortunately, with conflicting opinions, I feel I'm
not much closer than I was with my original post.
After I posted, I learned of a book titled, "Managing
Interstation Interference - Coaxial Stubs and Filters"
by George Cutsogeorge, W2VJN of InRad
(http://www.qth.com/inrad/). It couldn't hurt to read
it!  I expect that any kind of filter/stub setup will
be less effective if the feedpoint impedance is
other-than 50 ohms +/- j0.  After I read that book, I
think I'll have a better idea of how much help stubs
will/won't be.  My employer has spools of LMR400UF,
LMR600UF, and RG393 -- I'm sure they'll sell me all I

Our FD site will allow us to position the stations on
a line that is perpendicular to the main direction of
interest (East & SE).  One station will use solely
wire antennas, while the other will use a rotatable
3el trap yagi at 40 feet (or higher) on a tilt-up
mast, with the top guyset being cage inverted vees for
80/75 and 40m.  With enough guy rope, we can get the
ends of the vees up so they'll act more like dipoles.
Photos of my last FD effort:

Bryan WA7PRC

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