[RFI] 40m TVI

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at verizon.net
Tue Nov 14 12:54:27 EST 2006


The problem is Mapleleaf's hockey.  Stop watching it and
the herringbone will go away.

Jim Brown's recommended 'bucket treatment' would help, but
you'd get an icing penalty from your XYL.

Seriously, it's been so long since I've had TVI, I've forgotten
what it was...  is your inverted Vee right over top of the satellite
dish?   Is the satellite cable 33' long, perchance?  Or could the
RF be getting into the TV via its power connection?  I would suspect
coupling into your house wiring and via the TV power supply,
before anything else.

Go to yccc.org.  Find W1HIS's white paper on common mode chokes.
It talks about antennas...but wind one for the power line instead.
You can make them out of half inch clip-ons and not have to cut
the power wire.  You can get half inch clip-ons from RadioWorks.
(radioworks.com).  This would be my first line of attack.  Might
help.  Won't cost too much.


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Subject: [RFI] 40M TVI problem
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Hello everyone. While I am new to this list I have been reading the posts
for quite some time. Lots of great information.

I primarily only operate CW/digital modes on HF on 80-10 meters. I use a
TA33JR for 20-15-10 meters and an Alpha Delta antenna f(inverted vee
configuartion) for 80/40 meters.

I subscribe to a satelliet TV service. I notice interference on 40M when I
operate with >40 watts. I have no interference on any of the other bands
including 80M. On 40 M, I have used chokes on all input/outputs to the
receiver as well as on the main cable feed from the satellite dish. I found
that by putting (2 chokes - one near the receiver and one right at the cable
outlet to the room) That I was able to eliminate most of the interference.

My problem is that I seem to be unable to remove the last remaind bit of
herring bone TVI when I operate on 40 Meters. I also have a choke on the
output from the satellite receiver to the television set. If I reduce power
to 20-25 watts I am able to eliminate the last bit of herring bone

Any assistance/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in

Metuchen, NJ 08840

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