[RFI] wireless power at 6.4 MHz?

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Sat Nov 18 11:53:25 EST 2006

> Induction without a ferromagnetic material to contain the 
> flux still results
> in a magnetic field in the air, and where there is a 
> changing magnetic field
> there will be an electric field and therefore radiation.

Radiation is caused by time varying current in conductors. 
It is an entirely different mechanism than the induction 
fields. Anytime there is charge acceleration there is 

The only way to prevent radiation is by creating an exactly 
opposing radiation. When that happens is just so happens we 
can't transfer a magnetic or electric field outside that 
boundary either. We shield or take any one field to zero, 
the others all go to zero too.

If they are transferring energy via a time-varying magnetic 
field through space, or if they are conducting RF energy 
along conductors that don't fit the criteria of a very good 
transmission line, it will radiate. We can bet on it.

I think BPL, EH antennas, CFA antennas, shielded magnetic 
loops, and other stuff like this come from people who don't 
understand how RF systems work or who want to pretend there 
is some sort of magic.

73, Tom 

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