[RFI] Haolgens AND . . .

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 18 23:11:31 EST 2006

The problem is not halogen bulbs, but the switching power supplies now used
instead of low voltage transformers.  Lamp dimmers too are prolific
interference sources. As for energy-saving screw-in fluorescents, some are
fine, some are cheap crud, and some ... change.  I had one develop a
malfunction that efficiently (!) jammed 2-70 MHz. 


> [Original Message]
> I am told that low halogens are BIG generators of  noise.
> Is that really true?
> On the same note, what about light dimmer  switches?
> We are building a new house, and I need to establish some  intelligent 
> positions with my builder right away.
> Regards,  Warren;  W7WY

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