[RFI] wireless power at 6.4 MHz?

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Sun Nov 19 07:57:52 EST 2006

> Beware - math & physics.

Beware, doubletalk using uncommon words that really don't 
mean anything profound. It reminds me of statements like "we 
visited our mother's mother's house" instead of "we went to 
grandmas's" or most recently "we will only lose this war if 
we quit".

>The trick is to get slow enough
> exponential attenuation.  To answer my original question,
> it seems that 6.4 MHz is the frequency for optimal power
> transfer, given some particular geometry, i.e. a typical
> room size, etc.

After reading all that my conclusion is we need to stress a 
little more lab time and give up a little computer time.

The effect they talk about is the same effect any of us who 
have used a grid dip meter to couple with a high Q resonant 
tank circuit observed. It's also the effect that allows 
wider  spacing between coils in an IF transformer with 
high-Q resonant windings than we would have in a low Q 

What they miss is how well-known the effect really is. 
Probably too much time spent on the computer and not 
actually looking at the real world.

....and the answer is still yes, it will radiate like crazy 
if it is able to transfer energy over any distance unless 
inside a closed volume of space. Spare me from the babble 
that really translates to things like "if we create an 
induction field it will be a rapidly decaying field" or "if 
we confine the field to a small area it will be confined to 
small area".

This is the same junk science that got us into trouble with 

73 Tom

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