[RFI] wireless power at 6.4 MHz?

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Sun Nov 19 16:55:42 EST 2006

> I can build a TOTALLY enclosed 'loop' inside an aluminum
> enclosure, which completely meets the criteria for 
> 'shielded'
> magnetic loop, and I can induce current in the loop 
> inside.
> Just let me choose the frequencies

Of course you can, if you breach the shield. It just can't 
have a time-varying field that goes directly through the 
walls of the shield nor can it allow one field and not 
others to pass once the wall is several skin depths thick.



The point of this is any hi-Q small loop they use to 
transfer energy over any distance in a room will radiate 
unless the walls of the room are metal and shield by having 
a closed path or dimensioned to act as a waveguide below 

73 Tom

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