Dan Zimmerman N3OX n3ox at n3ox.net
Wed Nov 29 23:34:31 EST 2006

> Antenna is Butternut HF6V on the roof of our two story house, and the shack is on the lower >level.  Antenna ground is about 60' of 2x14 romex.  Don't know what the solid wire equivalent >of 3 #14 wires is offhand.

Is that it?  If so, you need 1/4 wave radials for each band you're
interested in to provide a low impedance place for the RF to flow.
Otherwise, all of your "grounds," which should just be static/safety
grounds are going to radiate and conduct RF.  Common mode chokes help,
but if they're not at a high-current point on a given band, and you're
running 500W and the only return path is the coax braid and a 60'
romex ground, you're going to get  big currents on both of those.

Incidentally, you should bond your station, antenna, and house grounds
together right away.  Probably won't help your RFI any, but it's not
good to have three independent ground rods like that.  It's just
asking for trouble.


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