[RFI] Line Noise - Ideas needed

RFI Services mike at rfiservices.com
Thu Nov 30 20:12:54 EST 2006

Hi Jim,
The pulse on the positive half cycle is probably a single spike. And the
reason is rectification. It is probably a light. However, if I were you I
would concentrate more on the location of the source than the cause.
You're on the right track but keep going. I doubt you'll hear it using VHF.
If so things will be much easier. First step is to check your own residence.
Check out http://www.rfiservices.com/tips.htm then, if needed, try
http://www.rfiservices.com/residence.htm .

Keep in mind that everything connected to the system ground, which is
everything, will be an antenna for the noise.
I'm in Nashville at 703-868-1632 if I can assist call me before 9pm tonight
Best wishes,
Michael C Martin
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