[RFI] Honda Generator RFI?

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Sat Sep 16 18:00:58 EDT 2006

On 09/16/06 03:56 pm Fred Stevens K2FRD wrote:

>> A few months ago I saw some discussion about rf interference (HF thru 6
>> meters, I think) created by some (or all?) of the Honda "i" series
>> generators, switching noise from the inverter circuitry.  I was wondering if
>> this is still a problem or if the newer units are better.  Anyone have any
>> experience using one of these purchased in the last couple of months for
>> portable operation?

> Yeah, I sure do. I bought a Honda Eu1000i this past February after having major RFI problems with a Mitsubishi 600/900w inverter-generator and have been having all sorts of the same RFI problems with the Honda. It simply is not well-filtered, if filtered at all.  I built the line filter (common choke) as described by http://www.dellroy.com/W4EF's-Ham-Radio-Page/Portable_Operation/EU2000i_Filter.htm and STILL had major RFI problems. Long story short, I ordered both the new MFJ-1164 line filter and the W4RRY battery booster and, after considerable delay due to MFJ manufacturing backorders, UPS, and USPS, only just got them in today, so they're untested. Until now, I've been just using my battery banks to operate and keeping the Honda turned off until I needed to charge the battery banks. If these new toys don't solve the problem, I've bookmarked several toroid and bead suppliers (particularly http://www.palomar-engineers.com/RFI_Kit/rfi_kit.html ) to go to Stage Four of corr
>  ive measures. Beyond this, I don't know what I'll do except go back to my huge and consumptive Coleman 3750 generator for ham radio operations; it does NOT create RFI.

We (Holland [MI] ARC) have used Honda EU1000i generators for at least 
the last three Field Days and have not encountered RFI problems.

OTOH, I've read suggestions by licensed electricians and electrical 
inspectors suggesting that all these Hondas should be red-tagged because 
they are not and cannot be properly grounded in accordance with the NEC.

Alan NV8A

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