[RFI] Honda Generator RFI?

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Sun Sep 17 08:31:54 EDT 2006

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>I purchased the Honda EU-1000i generator for a DXpedition to the Bahamas.
> We tried to operate on 160m. with it, but it put out too much trash on 
> 160m.
> Sounded like strong ignition noise clicking, but no variation in speed. 
> The
> generator's inverter noise was made worse using an MFJ switcher power
> supply.  I continued to run the Honda for lights and computer, but ran the
> radio off a battery, and the noise was minimal.  So it was definitely
> "conducted".  The noise was less on 80m. and even minimal on 40m. when
> connected to the MFJ switcher supply again.  NO interference on 20 thru 10
> meters.  So, if the Honda was used on FD for 40-20-15 and 10m, the problem
> probably was not heard!
> Bill
> NE1B

I had the same problem with the EU-2000i, Bill. A KL7 I
corresponded with suggested shielding the coil wire with a
heavy tinned braid. This fixed the 160 meter noise problem


The other problem I had was with conducted inverter noise
on the higher bands (mainly 20 meter and up). This noise is very
configuration dependent. At home with my horizontal antenna, I
had no noise problem when I ran my station off the Honda.
When running portable with a vertical, I had very strong inverter
noise strong coming from the Honda. A common mode filter
cleaned it up, however:


Presumeably the difference is the difference in common-mode
rejection of the two antenna configurations.

These are great little generators IF you can tame the noise.

73, Mike W4EF......................................................

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