[RFI] Cable TV

David C. Hallam dhallam at rapidsys.com
Sun Sep 17 17:52:19 EDT 2006

I am picking up the sound from my cable TV channels.  At first I thought it
was a local AM station but have since definitely identified one channel.  I
am hearing the sound from cable channel 68 at 4.825 MHz.

I have a Butternut HFV-6 vertical and bring the coax into a B&W coax switch.
>From there I feed either a 75S-3 or a R-390 selected by the switch position.
By turning off the product detector  and using a wide passband, I can hear
and somewhat understand the signal.  With the product detector it just
sounds like a several KHz wide area of shot.  I have a particularly annoying
one at about 14.196 MHz and there are others.  Channel 68 is the only one I
have been able to positively identify.  The sound is a little difficult to
understand and unless something is said that gives a good clue about the
channel, its hard to tell which one it is.

This all started about a month or so ago.  This weekend is the first time I
started to look for it with the general coverage receiver.  I do not have a
SW receiver to prowl around the neighborhood.  Is this definitely a cable
company problem?  If so, do I have enough information to contact them?  If
not, what will it take to make a case?

Clearwater, FL

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