[RFI] GB> OT - Broadband Over Gas Lines

Stu Benner w3stu at myactv.net
Mon Sep 18 17:52:14 EDT 2006

An ultrawideband (UWB) transmission is somewhat similar in concept to
direct-sequence spread spectrum. The bandwidth of the signal is, however,
much broader. The power spectral density of the signal is very low is
unlikely to be an interference source. IMHO, the proposed system seems
impractical for a number of reasons including the transmission loss and the
narrow and variable bandwidth of the gas lines (waveguide), the latter being
a serious impact on a UWB system.

Stu Benner

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> "...federal rules that limit the strength of ultrawideband signals 
> don't apply in underground pipes. So, Nunally says, power levels can 
> be boosted to provide each household bandwidth of up to 6 gigabits per 
> second, several times that of a cable provider. Yet power is low 
> enough so that signals can share the pipes with natural gas without 
> starting a fire, he says...".
> ...I guess at least until a closed valve is encountered, the pipe acts
> like a waveguide with minimal loss in the medium....
> 73  Hy W2HY

I wonder what sort of clamp-on ferrite might be
applied to tame gas-line QRM?  :-)

I *hate* gas so have no idea as to the size of the
pipes in the neighborhoods.  They are burying the Lousiana-Florida pipes
about 20 mile down the road from here and they are massive!

Might a buried longwire be necessary as half of a
QRM nulling setup?


Thanks! & 73,
doc, KD4E
... somewhere in FL
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