[RFI] Home networking birdies

D. Kemp nn8b at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 13:47:28 EDT 2006

Thanks guys for all the good suggestions.

My RFI is on 14.030 and some smaller ones up and down
from there. It seems to be getting on through the
antenna; if I disconnect the coax from my rig it goes

I have done the following:

1. Put some toroids of my cat5 cable on both ends.
These are the rectangular split type. No help, same
level of interference.

2. The cable from the D-link router seems to be the
RFI generator. If I unplug it from the hub there is a
great decrease in the level of the RFI signal. 

3. If I unplug the power from the Netgear hub and then
run the feed cat5 from the d-link directly  into the
computer there is a good reduction in the level of RFI
from an s5 signal to an S1 signal.

4. I covered the Netgear hub with foil as per one
suggestion without any difference in RFI signal

5. I wrapped the dc power cable of the D-link router
onto a toroid. No help.

6. Wrapped the power cable of the Netgear hub onto a
toroid. No help.

7. Wrapped the D-link router with foil. No help.

I am thinking of 2 direct runs from the router using
shielded cat5.

What about shielded cat5? Anyone have experience with
using it?

The large toroids may help, but they are expensive, I
don't have any, and it might be better spent on cable
if shielding would work.

Any more suggestions?

Thanks again for all the help.


Don, NN8B

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