[RFI] Winding RG-6 around a toroid

Stu Benner w3stu at myactv.net
Tue Sep 19 22:52:05 EDT 2006

The impedance introduced on the outside of the shield by wrapping the coax
around the toroid will have no effect on the desired signal *inside* the
coax. If you were too aggressive with the installation of the toroid and
violated the bend radius of the coax, you may have caused some of the damage
that you described. However, it's unlikely that the resulting mismatch loss
would be enough to result in a "bad signal" - significant damage would
likely be required to do this.

Replace the suspect RG-6 run with a known good run of cable first.

Stu Benner

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I am winding RG-6 around a toroid to keep RF out of my DirecTV box. I'm
having issues with signal levels on my DirecTV box and am not sure about the
cause.  Could wrapping the RG-6 around a toroid about a dozen times cause
this cable to provide a bad signal to the DirecTV box?  Sure, a broken wire
would do it, but I'm thinking more along the lines of dielectric compression
causing the impedance to change or something like that.
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