[RFI] Winding RG-6 around a toroid

Roger Parsons ve3zi at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 23:43:01 EDT 2006

....... Some foam dielectrics are more fragile than
others, and some center conductors are more inflexible
than others. Combine the two and you could poke a
short into the cable .......

I agree. I had a horrible time when the world was
young troubleshooting the exciter to a 10kW HF
transmitter where the coax [URM70 with solid polythene
dielectric and solid inner conductor] (and hence
exciter signal) was fine when the tray was slid out of
the rack, and sometimes a short when it was pushed
back in. But when the tray was out the interlocks
prevented the PA operating ....

Since then I have been very mistrustful of coax,
particularly when it has a solid centre conductor and
more particularly when it has a sharp bend in it.

73 Roger

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