[RFI] LCD Monitors

Alan Robinson robinsah at engr.orst.edu
Sun Sep 24 13:50:41 EDT 2006

Hi Mike,

I have three LCD monitors in my station: A 19 inch ViewSonic, a 17 inch NEC, 
and a 15 inch Mitsubishi. None make any RFI that I can detect. Also, I have 
a 32 inch Panasonic LCD TV. It also is quiet.

BUT, I also have a 50 inch Panasonic plasma HDTV. It is an amazing RFI 
generator. It tears up 80 meters to an extraordinary level. Also, it puts 
out RFI on the broadcast band on certain frequencies; 1160 kHz, for example. 
Surprisingly, I don't hear it on 10 meters.

If anyone know how to quiet down a plama TV, I would really like to hear 
about it.


Alan, W4LKE

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> It's my understanding that LCD monitors are typically much much better
> than CRTs in terms of RFI emission. Is this pretty much universally true,
> or are the LCD flatpanels out there that are problematic in terms of RFI?
> Any particular models recommended? I am looking for a 19 to 21 inch
> flatpanel.
> Thanks,
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