[RFI] Buying New Vehicle - RFI issues with these models?

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Sat Aug 4 13:13:27 EDT 2007


I hate to be the bringer of bad tidings, but all new vehicles have so many 
computers in them that are susecptible to RFI/EMI, hardly anyone I know 
puts mobile rigs in them any more.

You were lucky not to have any issues with the Chrysler. (Assuming you had 
rigs in them.)

Voided warrantees, engine stalls, accessory equipment malfunctions on 
keydown, man, you name it, it's happened.

As for me, well, it started with a 1990 Mazda Protege, and it hasn't gotten 
any better with the newer models.  To cut this short, I have up and went to 
carrying a 5W 2M/440 HT in the car with me, and I make calls during stops.

Doubtless others on this list will have different responses, but I just 
gave up.  The new cars just aren't like your old 1980's versions, the last 
decade I remember where this sort of thing didn't come up.  The minute 
computer controls came out, well, that did it.  I fought it for years 
before giving up.  Maybe the solution is to buy a used 1980's Ford van, 
rebuild it and stock it the way you want it; a number of Hams in our local 
club have done this, just out of being worn out by problems.

The ARRL has a list on their website (somehwere) of car manufacturers, and 
their degree of cooperativeness on this issue.  Maybe someone here will be 
able to come up with it.


At 06:05 AM 08/04/2007, you wrote:
>I am getting ready to purchase a new vehicle to replace my trusty 2000
>Chrysler mini-van that now has 157K miles.
>I am considering the following smaller / more efficient vehicles:
>Chevrolet Cobalt
>Chevrolet HHR
>Pontiac Vibe
>Does anyone on the reflector know of any RFI issues that would impact HF
>mobile operation in any of these, and any hints at how to correct?   I
>plan to install my IC706MK2G and mounts for my hamsticks and ATAS100
>antennas on the new car.
>Thanks and 73,
>Al  N5UM

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