[RFI] RFI from 2005 Accord V6

ab0yw ab0yw2006 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 23:31:54 EDT 2007

I have a 2005 Accord V6.  As of recently, I'm getting broad noise across
HF.  In the past there was virtually no noticeable noise when the car was
running.  Now I hear around S6-S7 (ICOM 706) at any RPM.

   - There is no noise when the engine is off or when the ignition key is
   in the on position (engine not running).
   - The noise ramps up as RPM goes up.
   - I had Honda check the engine for misfires or other anomalies and it
   got a perfect check up.
   - The engine has coils/caps on top of the valve covers.  I've
   unplugged each cap while listening to the radio and been unable to detect
   any change in the buzz.
   - I've wiggled all wires going to ignition components and the
   injectors without any noticeable difference.
   - I've clamped a wire to the negative battery terminal and touched
   other ground points to see if I could hear any difference to no avail.

Has anyone experienced something like this?  Could it be the injectors?
Appreciate any tips.



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