Pfizenmayer pfizenmayer at worldnet.att.net
Thu Aug 30 23:52:49 EDT 2007

 This dsl group  has a download of TR040 available - which when you read 
pages 20 thru 23 is kind of scary about interference .


Neat forum for me - learned a lot - Thanks - don't know why I did not 
stumble into it when I googled VDSL.

I am pretty leery of VDSL in my own house - as I did have some terrible low 
end of 40 meters issues just from the lines - but they disappeared soon 
after I got hold of a guy at the telco and he told me they had been having a 
lot of subscriber problems in my area - I told him the pedestals that had 
terrible stuff just below 7 mhz that really messed up low end of 40.

 Still cogitating !

Hank K7HP

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