[RFI] Weather Station on 433.92?

Roger D Johnson n1rj at adelphia.net
Sat Feb 3 20:56:02 EST 2007

digital-conjurers at adelphia.net wrote:
> Maybe some can enlighten me on this one:
> Just set up a LaCrosse/Discovery Store weather Station (Model FX 5000) that 
> has a remote temp/humidity sensor that uses a signal on 433.92 Mhz to relay 
> info to the base station.
> Is there something in part 97 that I'm missing that allows this sort of 
> operation of a consumer device inside our ham bands? [According to the 
> national "suggested band plan", this falls right into the 
> "Auxiliary/Repeater Links" section.]
> Lin/KJ6EF
It's not under Part 97 which are the rules governing amateur radio. It's 
under the part 15 rules section

73, Roger

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