[RFI] All band handheld receivers

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 18:54:26 EST 2007

Has anyone tried one of the miniature handheld receivers, like the Yaesu 
VR-500 or Icom IC-R series?

Seems like it would be a good receiver for casual listening and rf noise 
sniffing purposes.

Looking at the specs and some comments on the web, I would think the VR-500 
would be a better deal than the Icom ones.  The IC-R5 is less expensive, but 
has no SSB or CW capability, and tunes in 5 kHz steps.  The others are far 
more expensive than the VR-500.

But I am wondering just how well do those things pick up signals.

Also, do they have a headphone/ext speaker jack for better fidelity 
reception than with the tiny speaker?

For anyone who purchased one, do you think it was worth the bucks?

I am looking for a portable receiver with at least fair reception from MW 
broadcast band up through 10m with a whip antenna, for running down 
ever-increasing sources of noise and interference.

Don k4kyv

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