[RFI] New to the list - searching for 80 meters noise

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Mon Feb 12 05:24:09 EST 2007

Hello Joe and all,
The scenario you describe is a typical one. You are probably correct that a
switch is being turned on. 
I suggest you go out and investigate both before and after the noise is
active. Before it's active to get an idea of the noises that are active but
not creating the higher level, then to locate the changes or new noise
source that is creating the higher level. During your investigation you'll
notice there are many noise sources, but it's very important to identify
those noises that aren't yours as the sources that are. This will eliminate
a lot of door knocking. I would suggest you do this more than once before
knocking on doors. It's very helpful to be 100%, as it will add to your
creditability when you have to look for another source later. You want your
neighbors to know that if you say they have the source of your RFI that they
can count on you being correct. This is also the process to take for power
line noises originating on the power lines. Only fix what you can confirm as
causing you a problem. Don't assume because it will eventually be at your
Also check out the following, it may help:
Best wishes,
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