[RFI] My 80m noise

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Thu Feb 15 16:01:43 EST 2007

Hi Kelly,
It is possible for noise sources of any kind to be effect 80 meters and not
effect 440. Power line or not, the sources on 80 meters could be much too
far away to be detected by 440.
When your noise isn't active, on a dry day, checkout the noises heard on 80
meters for about a quarter mile radius. Do this a few times and you'll get
to know the noise sources pretty well. Then when it rains and your noise is
active, do it again and it will be easier to notice the additional noise
It's very important for hams to be familiar with the noise environment both
before and after the noise is to the level of interfering.
The 80 meter Hamstick makes a great noise locating antenna but you might
need to install an attenuator.  
Best wishes,
Michael C Martin
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