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Hi Landon,

While viewing the customer's TV with the TVI active turn on your Model 240
using an antenna comparable to the TV rabbit ears and tune to the freq of
what ever channel the TVI is viewed. You'll want to tune slightly higher or
lower as to get away from the TV signal. If its power line noise it will be
there. A narrow banded signal may not be. Also with the Model 240 RFI
locator you'll be able to see the power line noise pattern and be able to
compare it to the signals heard outside.

Use the "How to Locate" info I gave you or download it from my web site.
Take a picture of the video and email it to me. Call me when you send it and
I'll open it while your at the customers home.

As for FM radio noise, it is extremely rare that the power line noise will
override a local FM broadcast station unless an outside antenna is used.
Again call me or send a wave file. Tune off the station to better hear the
noise. If its power line it will still be there.


Remember once you hear the RFI/TVI use your M-240, or 242 if you have it, to
do the searching. Your customer is using rabbit ears; you can use the same
antenna on the 240 for convenience. Your 240 will have at least as much
sensitivity. Let me know the next time you're going there and I'll make
myself available to assist you guys.


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