[RFI] New Noise on 80 m

Yuri Onipko ve3dz at rac.ca
Thu Jan 4 00:13:41 EST 2007

Happy New Year to everybody.
For the last few days I have new terrible noise on 80 m. It covers all band
from 3.5 to 4 MHz, I can hear it also on 160 m, but slightly weaker.
You may hear the recording here:
I recorded it on 3505 in CW mode with 2.0 kHz filter. The strength is a bit
over S9 on my FT1000D.
The noise has constant amplitude and does not change throughout the band.
Needless to say that I can't hear a damn thing on 80 now... :-((
I wonder if someone may tell me what can it be and where do I start to track
the source down.
I hate big cities!

Thanks in advance.

73 Yuri  VE3DZ

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