[RFI] Phone not ringing

George Gorsline VE3YV ve3yv at pathcom.com
Mon Jul 30 12:28:09 EDT 2007

Eric - two things I can think of.  Look at the "B" rating of the phones - max is 5 B for all devices on the line.  Second is if you have put any caps across the line to suppress RFI (alarm system?), they also cause this problem - ring is or looks like AC - especially if you have squirrels and dogs in an older neighbourhood - lots of rainwater in the cable so ring is already marginal - still don't have the "long distance" ring back.  In either case, the usual approach: take all of the other phones (and alarm system) off of the line and test, then add back one by one...


73,  George VE3YV / K8HI

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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 01:04:44 -0400
From: Eric Rosenberg <wd3q at starpower.net>
Subject: [RFI] Need Telephone Info re: ringers
To: rfi at contesting.com
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I need to replace two single-line hard-wired speaker phones, and am 
finding a common problem... the ringers don't work!  One is a "GE Corded 
Phone 29322GE1"

No matter where I place either phone. neither rings. The phones are 
otherwise fine.  The house has a the following items already installed, 
all working fine.

a hard-wired answering machine/phone
a multi-function printer/fax
an alarm system
a 2-phone 2 gHz wireless phone setup (the 'master' plugged into the wall.

Not sure where to go from here.

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