[RFI] Variable speed drives

Larry Burke wi5a at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 26 20:17:46 EST 2007

This discussion is timely, as I will soon be in the market for a washer and
dryer... Likely the front load kind, and preferably something with
better-than-average energy efficiency. I've heard bad things about the RFI
from the Sears and Whirlpool Duet. Are there some good ones out there that
folks on the list would recommend? Kelly, what is the model number on the LG
that you are happy with? (I'm assuming it meets the other criteria of
actually washing and drying clothes properly, but that may not be a good
assumption on my part). 

Larry Wi5A

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Note that washers and the like are specifically exempted from getting Part
15 certification.  And don't buy a Sears or Whirlpool Duet.  FB on your LG
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