[RFI] Variable speed drives

Kelly Johnson n6kj.kelly at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 01:08:01 EST 2007

My wife loves the LG TRONN washer/dryer pair.  She's happy there is no
RFI because I told her they would get returned if there was RFI.  We
have 2 kids under 5, so the washer/dryer get alot of use.

The (front load/HE) washer is model WM2277HW.  The (gas) dryer is
model DLG5988W.

I bought them at Best Buy which has a 30 day return policy.  We are
happy with ours, but everyone else should do their own due diligence.
I recommend buying only from a dealer that will allow you to return
them if they cause RFI and/or try to check them out with a portable
radio at the store or whatever.  They work fine for me, but YMMV :-)

On 3/26/07, Larry Burke <wi5a at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> This discussion is timely, as I will soon be in the market for a washer and
> dryer... Likely the front load kind, and preferably something with
> better-than-average energy efficiency. I've heard bad things about the RFI
> from the Sears and Whirlpool Duet. Are there some good ones out there that
> folks on the list would recommend? Kelly, what is the model number on the LG
> that you are happy with? (I'm assuming it meets the other criteria of
> actually washing and drying clothes properly, but that may not be a good
> assumption on my part).
> Thanks!
> Larry Wi5A
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> Note that washers and the like are specifically exempted from getting Part
> 15 certification.  And don't buy a Sears or Whirlpool Duet.  FB on your LG
> though!
> 73,
> Leigh/WA5ZNU
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