[RFI] AC Line filters

Roger Parsons ve3zi at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 4 09:36:18 EDT 2008

I 'roll my own' in nearly every case. AC line filters
are the exception:

These devices are directly connected to the AC line
and therefore need to be approved devices - that
really means UL/CSA/CE approvals/standards. The
capacitors used in the filters must be 'X' and 'Y'
rated components for safety reasons. '1kV' rated
capacitors are not the same thing at all!

I know that a similar argument could be made for a
homebrew AC power supply, but that would be used in
the shack under direct supervision - and any
components directly connected to the AC line should
still be rated for that specific purpose.

As others have pointed out, commercial line filters
are available quite cheaply from a number of sources,
and in my opinion it is always better to use those. 

73 Roger

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