[RFI] TV Converter Boxes & RFI

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sat Apr 19 21:49:28 EDT 2008

On Sat, 19 Apr 2008 19:02:49 -0400, kd4e wrote:

Someone who knows more about some of the newer CATV standards may 
have meaningful input on this. 

As long as it's a good clean install of quality coax, and all the 
terminations are clean so that there's minimal leakage, I wouldn't 
expect problems. 


Jim K9YC

>Bright House is cable.

>I have no idea as to what spectrum or power level
>they pump through their lines to get signal here.

>We are in the woods and their line runs close to
>a mile from the nearest small paved road just to
>get here.  They apparently found 5 subscribers along
>our private road and that was enough to justify the
>run - we would be number 6.  The main run ends at
>our property line then comes about 380 feet in to
>serve the neighbors.  We would be another 120 feet
>or so.

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